Chris Campbell, electrical engineer


Hello!  I am an electrical engineer with many years of experience, primarily in satellite communications, monitor and control systems, and engineering operations in general, presently busy in the operations of my current employer. But I’m now reentering the job market, and I’m particularly excited about shifting my professional focus into energy / power engineering.

For about a decade now I’ve had a personal interest in the technologies surrounding “smart grid” and distributed generation (DG) of electric power, specifically:

  • Edge storage / utility-grade storage
  • Energy storage dispatch
  • Solar / photovoltaics and inverter technology
  • Electric Vehicles and EV charging infrastructure

This started as a personal interest, but in recent years I have become a true believer in these technologies. I see that the most exciting challenges for engineering are in the energy sector, and I want to be a bigger part of meeting those challenges.

To that end, I am now looking to transition to an engineering position in this sector.   In the Energy and Power Technologies section I have detailed the technologies and jargon that I’m already familiar with, to illustrate that I’m not exactly new to all this.

I have two engineering degrees from Georgia Tech, so I have the expected literacy in engineering, mathematics, chemistry and physics.  Please see the Engineering Background and Science Fundamentals page for more.

I have 20+ years of engineering experience, in both small companies and large ones, building new systems, streamlining operations, generally getting stuff done. I should say that I’m not interested in business development roles, nor even management roles (with headcount), rather an engineering role as key part of a small team. An example of a good fit would be where you, a team leader, need a “right hand man” to carry a plan through to completion, but you need someone who’s already conversant in the energy business and has demonstrated skills in technology execution. I’m really looking forward to getting deployed into a new organization and quickly demonstrating my skills and the value I can provide.

You will find that I have fantastic references.

I’ve been head-down in my current job since 2002 and was completely off the job market, but am now popping up and looking for new opportunities. However, I’m still employed and have a full workload, and I am not able to really filter through all the job listings and submit applications / resumes to all of them. So I’m relying on my network of contacts (you, reading this) to tip me off to opportunities, that I can then target.

If you are working in this sector, in the Atlanta area, and have a need for a very good engineer to join your team, or know of a need, please do reach out to me. Even if you just know of a local company in this sector that’s expanding, let me know. I’m particularly willing to take on some risk, e.g. the kind of risk inherent in working for a startup or small, rapidly growing company.


Chris C., 01-Feb-2017