Chris Campbell, electrical engineer


Hi!  I am an electrical engineer with many years of experience, primarily in satellite communications, monitor and control systems, and engineering operations in general. I’m currently employed and quite busy finishing up a big project, but I’m now looking to shift careers into energy / power engineering.

For several years now I’ve been very interested in the technologies surrounding “smart grid” and distributed generation (DG) of electric power, specifically:

  • Edge storage / utility-grade storage
  • Energy storage dispatch
  • Solar / photovoltaics and inverter technology
  • Electric Vehicles and EV charging infrastructure

To that end, I’ve been spending a lot of my free time studying those technologies:

  • Since 2008 I’ve been deeply immersed in electric vehicle (EV) technology and EV charging infrastructure; I’ve done a lot of public outreach in this field and it’s how most people in Atlanta probably know me.
  • Since 2009 I’ve been casually following DG development, and have been an IEEE Power Engineering Society (PES) member, absorbing what I can via the monthly meetings and journals. (I’ve been a regular IEEE member since the mid 90’s.)
  • Lately I’ve been closely following the battery energy storage market.

Since I’m making a career shift and can’t just point you to relevant experience I already have, I’m falling back to fundamentals. I have two engineering degrees from Georgia Tech, so I have the expected literacy in engineering, mathematics, chemistry and physics. I have a professional engineer (PE) license in the state of Georgia, although while I’ve maintained it I haven’t ever used it (but it is an official, active license).

I do have 20+ years of experience, in both small companies and large ones, building new systems, streamlining operations, generally getting stuff done. You will find that I have fantastic references.

By Labor Day I will have fully fleshed out the website here and it will provide the usual truckload of technologies, acronyms and jargon. At that time I will start properly hunting for new opportunities, but for now I’m in what you might call “stealth mode”. If you are working in this sector, in the Atlanta area, and have a need for a very good engineer to join your small team, please do reach out to me. I’m particularly willing to take on some risk, e.g. the kind of risk inherent in working for a startup or small, rapidly growing company.

Please come back after Labor Day. Thanks!

Chris C., 21-Aug-2016

404-849-5232 cell